Voice Biometric Analytics and Reporting

VBG Dashboard Landing Page

Although other default landing pages are possible, many clients choose to use "Dashboard View". This summary screen captures key operational metrics, providing insight into the overall health of your deployment.

Quickly See Trend Statistics

Trending and break-outs for enrollments versus verifications, etc.

Identify Failure Sources

Gain insight into what is and isn't working

Proactively Pinpoint Troublesome Users

Proactively contact users with problems -- before they call you!

Real-Time Transaction View

See the details of every transaction and filter to show only what is relevant. This view is usually the first place to look when troubleshooting specific issues.

Easily Audit The Entire System

EVERY request is fully logged and available for detailed review, all fully secure

Create Ad Hoc Reports On Demand

Numerous filters and integrated search capabailities allow for easy, customized views

Export And Then Analyze In Your Favorite Tools

One-button export to Excel, or individually click on an item for more detail

Explore Transaction Details

While in Transaction View, click on an individual transaction to make the Detail view appear, enabling you to drill down into the transaction components.

See Voice Sample Statistics

View information about each sample that was submitted as part of the transaction

Download Voice Sample Audio Instantly

Immediately download any sample into your favorite audio tool to listen and troubleshoot

Review General Information

View general transaction details; IVR users can view associated call statistics

Analyze Audio Samples

Troubleshooting audio quality issues is one of the more common support tasks. The Samples View provides summarized and detail voice sample information for all transactions, giving you insight regarding potential user adoption issues.

See Voice Sample Details

See prompts, scores, and seconds of usable speech ("SUS") for every voice sample!

Assist System Tuning

Tabulate audio response codes to help refine audio quality tuning parameters

Troubleshoot Specific User Audio Issues

Identify audio issues, download samples, and help refine model adaptation parameters

Manage User Voiceprints

The Dashboard User Management tool gives you control and insight into individual users and voiceprints.

Perform Full Audio Audit Per User

All enrollment and verification samples for each user are just a click away.

Rebuild Voiceprints

Trigger users to re-enroll or dynamically rebuild or adapt their voiceprint on the fly.

Review Score Statistics Per User

Review user-specific scoring and set individual score thresholds