Discover How Voice Provides Security

Considering Voice Biometrics?

If you’re new to the subject, we'll take you through the process of understanding whether voice biometrics will solve your business problem.

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Ready to Dig into Real Solutions?

If you're already familiar with voice biometrics and are ready to go deeper into product features and how they apply to a variety of business situations, see our product listings.

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Are You a Systems Developer?

Our RESTful and VXML APIs enable you to embed voice biometrics in nearly any business application. We'll help you learn about the programming model and technical options.

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Voice Biometrics Planning Guide

Use our Project Planning Guide to think through the essential information necessary to get started with a Voice Biometric project. The results of this guide will be welcome information to whomever you choose to provide a solution.

Why Choose Voice Biometrics Group?

We are building and running our company based on three core principles. These are the principles we want you to see, feel, and hear from us while in the process of evaluating our company and technology and when you become a customer.

Technology That Works

Our voice biometrics technology is extremely effective when used properly and with the right expectations. We make sure that our customers get results and successful business outcomes.

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Superior Support

We've worked hard to build a rock-solid product that is easy to use and support. And when you do need support, we have only one tier -- you'll find our top people answering your inquiries.

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Superior Value

We price all VBG products to reflect fair market value for the use case. But more important: you won't find a better combination of product features, performance, and support anywhere.

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